What is Judo?

Judo is a competitive Olympic sport that resembles wrestling. Matches are won by controlling an opponent through use of special techniques of throwing, hold downs, and submissions. As a confidence builders, judo is unsurpassed. Properly trained judo practitioners are among the most physically fit athletes.

Why Choose Judo Inc.?

Professional Coaching

Coached by Norman Miller, a recognized U.S. National Coach, the Judo Inc team has won more state, regional, national and international awards than any other judo program in the area. Although our competitive record is enviable, the primary emphasis remains the individual, personal, physical, mental, and athletic development of all participants. 

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Superior Facility

The 2,200 sq. ft. training area is equipped with Olympic standard mats on a spring loaded platform that incorporate the latest technology in judo training facilities. There are none better in the country!

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Innovative Methods

Believing that learning should be fun and exciting, there is no mysticism or Oriental ritual in our programs. We strive to maximize skill development by using an innovative approach that is distinctly American and geared to the enjoyment that should be inherent in sports participation.

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Required Equipment

Judo athletes wear special heavy weight reinforced kimono-like jacket, loose fitting drawstring pants and a cloth belt that wraps around the jacket. No pads, gloves, shoes or other equipment is needed. The best quality Judo Star uniforms last a long time and currently cost an average $55 – $70.00.

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A unique feature at Judo Inc is the focus on skill development, personal accomplishment, and fun.