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Judo instruction

Judo is a combative sport that resembles wrestling. Matches are won by controlling an opponent through the use of special throwing techniques, hold downs and submissions. Since initially appearing in the 1964 Olympics, judo has developed into a popular individual international sport. The challenges and demands of judo training will positively transfer to success in other aspects of life. The attitudes developed will enhance achievement in school, jobs and personal interactions.



Judo athletes wear a special heavyweight, reinforced kimono-like jacket, loose fitting drawstring pants, and a cloth belt that wraps around the jacket. No pads, gloves, shoes or other equipment is needed. The best quality Judo Star® uniforms last a long time and currently cost an average of $55 to $70. Judo Inc also stocks, sells, and ships combative supplies for Judo sports.



Increasingly, many instructors are more interested in testing than teaching. The reason is the high testing fees. A unique feature at Judo Inc. is the lack of testing fees.


Skill development, personal accomplishment and fun are the primary objectives.


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