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ABOUT judo inc


Judo Inc offers the highest quality judo instruction. Although physically demanding, judo is a lot of fun. Within our disciplined curriculum, the first rule at Judo Inc is to have fun. Judo training develops speed, power, timing, agility, flexibility, endurance, body control and split second reflexes. Properly trained judo practitioners are among the most physically fit athletes. To take advantage of our judo classes, contact Judo Inc today.

Beware! Belts, Ranks, & Testing Fees

Increasingly, instructors are more interested in testing than teaching. The reason is the high testing fee $$$. This practice began at American military bases in Japan and Korea where savvy but unscrupulous instructors separated American GI's from their paychecks in exchange for a belt and an impressive looking certificate. This BELTS 'R US method is now popular in the U.S.A. where the "money belt" appears to be the highest belt of instructors who sell guaranteed rank promotions and the "earning" of belts as their main objective.

A unique feature at Judo Inc is the complete lack of ranks, promotions, and testing fees. Skill development, personal accomplishment, and fun are the primary objectives.


Judo Instructor, Brown Deer, WI 53209